MSU Helping to Secure Electric Power Grid

November 1, 2006

Professor Kari Babski-ReevesProfessor Kari Babski-Reeves of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) is a Co-Principal Investigator for a $588,000 grant from the Department of Homeland Security. The Principal Investigator for the project is Professor Nick Younan of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). Other Co-Principal Investigators include ECE Professors Noel Schulz and Roger King. ECE and ISE undergraduate and graduate students will be an integral part of the research.

The focus of this research is improving the security of the electric power grid. Software systems will be developed to facilitate information sharing among interconnected power grids that often use different data formats for reporting the status of the grid. Methods for synthesizing the heterogeneous data sources into requisite information needed by human operators tasked with detecting attacks on the power grid or grid overloads will be researched.

Contact Kari Babski-Reeves at (662) 325-1677 for additional information.