Minor in Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is an academic discipline with applicability to a broad range of students from other majors. Engineering majors specifically may wish to complement their degree programs with a minor in industrial engineering to demonstrate knowledge and competence in industrial engineering areas. Completion of the minor requirements should prepare students to apply fundamental principles of industrial engineering, such as production control, operations improvement, and engineering management, to their chosen career field.

Only students within the Bagley College of Engineering are eligible for a minor in industrial engineering. Students majoring in industrial engineering are not eligible.

A minor in industrial engineering consists of three required courses for all students pursuing the minor and two restricted elective courses:

CourseTitleCredit Hours
IE 3913Engineering Economy3
IE 4613Engineering Statistics 13
IE 4333Production Control 13
Choose two additional industrial engineering courses from this list:
IE 3123Industrial Ergonomics3
IE 4113Human Factors Engineering3
IE 4173Occupational Safety Engineering3
IE 4513Engineering Administration3
IE 4533Project Management3
IE 4543Logistics Engineering3
IE 4553Engineering Law and Ethics3
IE 4573Process Improvement Engineering3
IE 4653Industrial Quality Control 13
IE 4733Linear Programming 13
IE 4753Systems Engineering and Analysis3