Departmental Scholarships

The Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Mississippi State University offers the following undergraduate scholarships for its students:

  • Jesse H. Oswalt Scholarships
  • George Crow Dunn Memorial Scholarships
  • Georgene C. and Durward B. Dunn, Jr. Memorial Scholarships
  • L.E "Bo" Gilbens Family Scholarships
  • L. Ray Johnson Scholarships
  • Thomas and Cynthia Walker Scholarships
  • Larry G. Brown Scholarships
  • Dr. Missie Smith Endowed Sch.
  • Franklin Myers Excellence Fund
  • Jones-Burns Annual Memorial
  • MS Manufacturers Association Endowed Sch.
  • Rich and Lisa Lopez Endowed
  • Rick Welch Entrepreneurial Scholarships
  • Ted Gandy Endowed Scholarship
  • Teresa Maxwell Scholarships
  • William W. Botts, Jr. Endowed Sch.

To apply for a scholarship, follow the instructions given in this document.