Optimization and Data Informatics

The Optimization and Data Informatics Lab encourages research in the areas of logistics engineering, transportation systems, intermodal transportation, supply chain design and management, systems engineering, applied operations research, simulation, and optimization. This lab was founded in 2000, and facilitates the research of a number of ISE faculty and students.

The goals of the Optimization and Data Informatics lab are:

  • Foster close collaborations among ISE students and faculty that work in research areas related to transportation and logistics. The lab has a total of 10 desktop computers and one break room which are used by students to conduct their research. The lab also has one conference room which is used by students and faculty to meet, present and discuss research findings.
  • Foster close collaborations of ISE students and faculty with industry and government partners. Industry and government partners have sponsored a number of research projects involving development of solutions in support of industry and government needs. Students and faculty have been involved in these projects.
  • Promote fundamental research and develop innovative solutions for transportation and logistics related problems. Students and faculty have several publications related to transportation and logistics in refereed journals and conference proceedings. Research findings have been presented at international, national, regional, and local conferences.
  • Host the Annual Transportation Workshop of MSU. Faculty and students of the lab host an annual workshop which brings together and promotes transportation related research at MSU.
  • Host the National Center for Intermodal Transportation and Economic Competitiveness (NCITEC). NCITEC has sponsored a number of research projects that have brought together faculty and students from different backgrounds within ISE (such as, operations research, human factors, engineering management); across departments (such as, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Agricultural Economics, etc.) ; and across universities (such as, Texas A&M, University of Florida, Hampton University, etc. ).