Grade Requirements in ISE Curriculum

IE Courses: Students must earn a C in ALL industrial engineering courses (IE prefix for the course number)

Professional Enhancement Elective:  Students must earn a C or better in ANY course taken to fulfill the professional enhancement elective.

Non-IE Prerequisite Courses: Often students ask what grades are required in non-IE prerequisite courses and course series (e.g., chemistry, calculus, physics, and engineering mechanics).  A few specific key prerequisite courses are identified here, though students should review the course descriptions before enrolling in any class.

  • CH 1223 – Chemistry 2: C or better required for certain Engineering Science (ES) electives
  • PH 2223 – Physics 2: C or better required for ECE 3413 – Intro to Elect. Circuits (ES Elective)
  • EM 2413 – Eng Mechanics 1 (Statics): C or better for ES electives
  • EN 1103 – Comp 1: C or better required to take EN 1113
  • Computer Programming Elective: C or better required for IE 4933

Review Course Catalog for prerequisite grade requirements, MSU Course Catalog

Courses where a D is permitted: The courses in which students can earn a grade of D on their transcript and still graduate are:

  • Fine Arts Elective
  • Humanities Electives
  • Math/Science Elective (except when it is a C or better prerequisite course of another
  • Engineering Science Electives (except when it is a C or better prerequisite course of another)
  • ACC 2023 – Managerial Accounting
  • EC 2123 –  Microeconomics
  • PSY 1013 – Psychology
  • EN 1113 – Comp 2
  • CH 1211 – Chem 1 Lab
  • GE 3513 – Tech Writing
  • MA 3113 – Linear Algebra
  • MA 2743 –  Calculus 4

Other Notes:

  • A grade of F is never accepted.
  • Please note that for transfer courses, the university does NOT accept any grades of F. A student must make a grade of D or higher on ANY transfer class for it to apply toward their degree. If a grade of C or better is required per the catalog term, a grade of D cannot be transferred.