Graduate Education

The Department of Industrial and Systems Department offers programs leading to a Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering. Both degrees are offered through the distance education. The M.S. degree offers both a thesis and non-theses option.

  • Thesis Option: a research-oriented degree, and serves to prepare students for positions in industry or government or for further graduate study in industrial and systems engineering or related areas
  • Non-Thesis Option: designed to prepare students for positions in business and industry that require a graduate education

Major areas of study are: industrial systems, operations research, manufacturing systems, management systems engineering, and human factors and ergonomics.

An engineering degree is not required to apply for the ISE graduate program. The ISE Graduate Guide lists what prerequisites are needed for each program. These requirements vary dependent on the degree and concentration within the degree. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions.

Selecting a Master's Degree Concentration

When applying to the M.S. program, you will be required to specify a “concentration”. These concentrations provide you with the opportunity to specialize in an area of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

(See the ISE Graduate Guide for a list of each concentration and its requirements.)

The selected concentration will be noted on your transcript along with the title of the degree - Masters of Industrial Engineering. If you change your mind after you are in the program, you can always change your concentration at any time by completing a “Request to Change Degree Level or Concentration” form found on the Office of the Graduate School webpage, under Admission forms. However, you will need to complete all the requirements specified for the newly selected concentration.

For more information:

Dr. Mohammad Marufuzzaman
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
260L McCain Hall