ISE Professor Receives $837,540 Grant to Model Pedestrian Traffic

October 5, 2006

Professor John UsherProfessor John Usher is the Principal Investigator for an $837,540 grant from the United States Department of Transportation. Professors Lesley Strawderman and Royce Bowden are also involved with the project. The focus of the research program will be on the development of methodologies and software algorithms necessary for realistic simulation of pedestrian traffic at intermodal connector facilities such as airports, subway terminals, and bus stations. The research will involve other members of the ISE faculty as the project matures to encompass aspects of the transportation system that passengers connect with such as the air transport system, highway system, and railway system. ISE undergraduate and graduate students will be an integral part of the research.

Contact John Usher at (662) 325-7624 for additional information.