Fred Buie Named 2008 Distinguished Fellow

May 1, 2008

Fred Buie, an alumnus of Industrial and Systems Engineering, was honored with the 2008 Distinguished Fellow Award.

Fred Buie is president and owner of Keystone Electrical Manufacturing Company in Des Moines, Iowa. Serving electric utilities throughout the nation, the company manufactures elements used in the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power.

Buie’s professional career includes thirty years of assignments in manufacturing and engineering management across seven industries and eight geographic locations. He began with the General Electric (GE) Company where he held project engineering and production supervisory positions. He later spent two years in the consulting business and joined McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company as a manufacturing methods engineer.

After rejoining GE, he held positions as a functional manager of teams engaged in activities from the development of composite materials, to quality engineering, materials systems and product design. In 1998 Buie left GE, where he was serving as a plant manager, to purchase Keystone Electrical Manufacturing Co.

In addition to his service on the Industrial and Systems Engineering Advisory Committee, he currently serves on the board of directors for the Iowa Association of Business & Industry, YMCA, Center for Industrial Research and Service at Iowa State University, and the Architects, Contractors, and Engineers Mentorship Program. He is married to the former Valeska Lemon, a fellow MSU graduate. They have three children; MSU graduate F. Vinson, Alexander and Vanessa.