Flowchart & Electives

Freshman Year - Fall Semester

Course Hours
IE 1313Lean Works Systems3
MA 1713Calculus I3
CH 1213Fundamentals of Chemistry3
CH 1211Investigations in Chemistry1
EN 1103English Composition I3
Humanities Elective3
Total Credit Hours16

Freshman Year - Spring Semester

Course Hours
PH 2213Physics I3
MA 1723Calculus II3
CH 1223Fundamentals of Chemistry II3
CSE 12XX Computer Programming Elective3/4
EN 1113English Composition II3
Humanities Elective3
Total Credit Hours18/19

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester

Course Hours
PH 2223Physics II3
EM 2413Engineering Mechanics I3
MA 2733Calculus III3
Fine Arts Elective3
ACC 2023Managerial Accounting3
EC 2123Principles of Microeconomics3
Total Credit Hours18

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester

Course Hours
Math / Science Elective3
Engineering Science Elective3
MA 2743Calculus IV3
PSY 1013General Psychology3
IE 3913Engineering Economy I3
Total Credit Hours15

Junior Year - Fall Semester

Course Hours
IE 3123Industrial Ergonomics3
IE 4613Engineering Statistics I3
IE 3323Manufacturing Processes3
MA 3113Linear Algebra3
Engineering Science Elective3
Total Credit Hours15

Junior Year - Spring Semester

Course Hours
IE 4933Information System in IE3
IE 4623Engineering Statistics II3
Engineering Management Elective3
GE 3513Technical Writing3
IE 4733Linear Programming I3
Total Credit Hours15

Senior Year - Fall Semester

Course Hours
IE 4773Systems Simulation I3
IE 4333Production Control Systems I3
IE 4653Quality Engineering3
IE 4753Systems Engineering & Analysis3
ECE 3413Intro to Electronic Circuits3
Total Credit Hours15

Senior Year - Spring Semester

Course Hours
IE Design Elective3
Professional Enhancement Elective3
IE 4543Logistics Engineering3
IE 4914Industrial Systems Design4
Approved Elective3
Total Credit Hours16

In order to graduate, students must have a grade of C or better in each required industrial engineering course (courses that begin with IE). This includes the "IE Elective" course.