Reuben F. Burch V

Reuben Burch

Assistant Professor and Associate Director of CAVS

Office: 260I McCain Hall


Ph.D., Industrial & Systems Engineering, Mississippi State University.
Masters of Engineering Management, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Kansas State University.
B.S., Computer Engineering, Mississippi State University.

Reuben F. Burch V, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering,  Associate Director of Human Factors & Athlete Engineering at the Center for Advanced Vehicular Center (CAVS), Faculty Research Fellow at the National Strategic Planning & Analysis Research Center (NSPARC), and founder of the Athlete Engineering research program at Mississippi State University (MSU). Prior to returning to academia, Dr. Burch spent 14 years working for and with global Fortune 500 companies in research and development areas such as virtual reality design, weapons systems and training, satellite systems and geospatial data, high-value financial software systems, logistics technology and management, autonomous vehicle design, wearables, and human performance. He has served as a logistics and technology advisor for numerous universities and multiple Fortune 100 companies around the world. As an advisory council member, he has influenced the design of existing and future industrial tools, specifically ruggedized handheld, tablet, and wearable form factors. His ever-growing intellectual property work can be found here:

Dr. Burch’s primary research interests presently center around human factors and ergonomics, cognitive engineering, macroergonomics, and human-technology interactions with athletes including: sports, industrial, tactical (warfighters and emergency first responders), and at-risk athlete populations. He relies upon the industrial, athletic, and academic professional networks he has created in order to enhance his academic expertise both in research and in the classroom. His industry- and athletics-based research is very interdisciplinary and spans across multiple journals read by many different end users who need applied knowledge. With the help of his incredible research team, he has won numerous National Science Foundation (NSF) awards to build and validated new wearable technologies utilizing stretch sensors. The work from the NSF Wearable and Athlete Engineering teams at MSU can be found in the ongoing “Closing the Wearable Gap” publication series.