ISE and CAVS Helping Iowa to Build Virtual Soldier

July 6, 2007

DDr. Kari Babski-Reevesr. Kari Babski-Reeves, Assistant Professor of ISE, is co-principal investigator on a project entitled “Validation of Optimization-Based Formulations and Performance of Dynamic Human Models: A comparison of real and simulated design assessments”. This $1.2 million CAVS initiated project is being performed in conjunction with the University of Iowa’s Virtual Soldier Research program for the U.S. Army. The objective of this research is to perform large-scale motion validation studies of computerized humanoids. Motion capture data from human subjects performing various activities (lifting, reaching, etc.) will be compared to simulated human motions of the virtual soldier allowing for the improvement of motion prediction fidelity from computerized humanoids. Ultimately, the research will allow Department of Defense designers of materials, clothing, and vehicles the ability to evaluate prototype designs before manufacture for usability and human use issues. Graduate and undergraduate research assistants will be vital to the successful completion of the project. For further information, contact Dr. Kari Babski-Reeves at 662.325.1677 or at